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Hygienic Fabrics & Filters has long provided filtration products for the food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries using FDA-approved materials. Examples of custom food-contact products include block wraps, press cloths, cheese bandages, filter bags and tubes, sleeves, and replacement filters for OEM equipment. We also supply custom-size food barrier bags.

We have experience with products unrelated to food-contact. Contact us for tote bags, duffle bags, orthopedic devices, surgical caps, pediatric care products, patient lift slings, tracheostomy straps, CPAP headgear and chin straps, compression therapy wraps, knee braces, brace pads, liners, straps/strapping material, restraints, belts, tennis bags, bowling bags, hockey stick bags, football bags, swim bags, helmet bags, messenger bike bags, surfboard bags, yoga mat bags, race vests, grill covers, sound covers, appliance covers, and backpacks.

Using our industrial die-cutting equipment we can die cut custom shapes to your specification in a variety of materials. An example would be fluid-sealing rubber gaskets.

Filtration Products Used in Petroleum Oil and Gas

Custom filter bags and filter baskets

Custom Products

Custom ProductsOur knowledgeable and experienced staff stands ready to help you with your custom products. Contact us with your specifications to obtain a quote.

Food Contact Products

Hygienic Fabrics & Filters has a long history of supplying a wide variety of webbing materials suitable for processing of food and dairy products. Hygienic Fabrics & Filters also offers reusable and disposable materials and filtration products to help you produce your specialty cheese.

Air Filters

Wind Sock Air Filter Used In Drying Room

Wind sock air filter used in drying room

Wind Sock Air Filter Connection To Air Outlet

Wind sock air filter connection to air outlet

Hygienic Fabrics and Filters now offers air filters for your HVAC system. Let us know what filters your business uses and the quantity, and we will supply a quote.

In addition to standard filters we offer custom-sewn air filters and wind socks that include grommets, drawstrings, reinforcements, loops, zippers, and more.

Filter Bags and Replacement Tubes

Filter bags are custom-designed to be tied or clamped to the discharge chute of a product pipeline. Filter bags prefilter product and reduce foam and splash. Choose a bag large enough to allow product to exit faster than it enters to avoid pressure in the bag that can cause churning, product damage, and bag failure. Choose a bag long enough to be supported by the receiving vessel to prevent the bag from ripping or slipping from the discharge line.

Filter bag and tube materials are available in micron ratings from 1 micron to 1500 microns to meet your filtration specification and are available with or without drawstrings in any size from any available material.

Following are examples of materials used:

  • Flannels
  • Cottons
  • Bleached Sheetings
  • Nylons
  • Monofilament Meshes
  • Bleached & Unbleached Cheesecloths
  • Polyethylenes
  • Polypropylenes
  • Polyester Blends & Knits
  • Smoothweaves
  • Nonwovens

Dust-Collection Bags

Dust-Collection BagsHygienic Fabrics and Filters produces dust-collection bags for industry to collect and capture dust from the air. For industrial and woodworking environments the dust collector reduces particles in the air that can be breathed by workers. For the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries dust collectors reduce product contamination.

Dust collection bags vary by application. Larger filter bags constructed of thicker materials collect more particulates. We customize the bag connection size to your inlet size. We size the bag to fit your application’s filtration requirements, and we provide loops, grommets, cords, and whatever you need to extend and hang the bag as well as attach it to the dust collector.

Baghouse Filters

Baghouse filters are filters constructed of fabric rather than paper. Contaminants in the air are deposted on the fabric materal. The dust cake formed on the fabric filter media enables the filter to collect small-micrometer and submicrometer particles.

Transfer Sleeves and Connector Sleeves

Transfer Sleeves
Transfer Sleeve

Hygienic Fabrics and Filters manufactures custom fabric and plastic connector sleeves and transfer sleeves used to transfer materials between two pieces of equipment. The sleeves are designed to meet your inlet and outlet size requirements. They are also available in FDA-approved materials.

We can include drawstrings, grommets, eyelets, tabs, and whatever you need to mount/hang/fasten the sleeves.

Sifting Screens

Sifting Screens

Sifting Screens

Mechanical sifting can be used in food manufacturing to sort through food products to remove any foreign materials. Sifters are also use in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Screens need to be inspected and cleaned often. We offer aftermarket replacement sifting and separator screens for OEM equipment or your own designs.

We can die cut any shape you need.

Replacement Filters for OEM Equipment

Replacement Filters for OEM EquipmentReplacement Filters for OEM Equipment

Replacement Filters for OEM Equipment[/caption]Hygienic Fabrics & Filters offers a complete line of replacement filters for any of your existing OEM equipment. Filters are manufactured to exact dimensions from the materials you specify.

Block Wraps & Press Cloths

Custom block wraps, press cloths, and maltese fabricated from a variety of materials.

7 F Serged presscloth circle

Industrial Sewing

Flexible Polyethylene Sleeves

Flexible Polyethylene Sleeves

Hygienic Fabrics and filters offers Flexible Polyethylene Sleeves in a wide variety of sizes and lengths to protect the finish of a product and prevent breakage.

Cheese Bandages

Hygienic Fabrics & Filters offers cheese bandages for all varieties of cheeses.

  • Gem
  • Favorite
  • Midget
  • Daisiy
  • Twin
  • Horn
  • Mammoth
  • Young American
  • Flat
  • Cheddar

Barrier Bags and Tubes

Barrier Bags and Tubes

Hygienic Fabrics & Filters offers barrier bags designed to deliver the highest levels of product protection to maximize food quality and safety throughout the supply chain. Engineered to protect against physical, chemical, or microbiological spoilage, these high-performance bags set the industry standard for packaging of all types of cheese.

Barrier bags and tubes are made of plastic and designed to protect their contents from moisture, dirt, oxygen, light, and other contaminants. Barrier bags extend shelf life and maximize flavor and product color.

Hygienic Fabrics & Filters specializes in barrier bags for processing, storage, and aging of food, especially large blocks of cheese. We offer various sizes, shapes, and layers as your application requires.

Barrier bags and tubes are often made of Mylar, but other materials are also available.

Punched Products

Punched Products

  • Circles
  • Squares/Rectangles
  • Crosses
  • Custom Parts
  • Rubber Gaskets

Ask us about how we can help you with die cutting, hole punching, notching, and slitting of materials such as plastics, rubber, foam and other sheeting with or without adhesive backing.

Custom-Cut or Die-Cut Neoprene

Custom-Cut or Die-Cut Neoprene

We supply custom-cut neoprene for fluid sealing applications. We can custom blade-cut neoprene per your specifications or die cut it using our flat-bed die cutting equipment.

Dryer Bags

HFF manufactures customer dryer bags for drying foods.

Acorn Barn Cleaner Parts

We provide replacement parts for Acorn and Badger barn cleaners:

  • Wing trains
  • Corner Pulleys
  • Shafts
  • Gears
  • Springs
  • Corner pulley bases
  • Switches
  • Bearings and bushings

Need Additional Information?

For any additional information on any of our products or services, please send us an email or give us a call!

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