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Supermarket Produce Bags

Supermarket Produce Bags

Plastic bags may be handy, but for many fruits and vegetables you can use our reusable nylon net drawstring bags...a good way to avoid collecting more bags than you use. These lightweight bags won't "weigh in" at the checkout counter either. Carry them to the store right inside your City Tote Bag. These bags are 11" x 13" and are earth friendly!!!!

Market Tote Bag

Market Tote Bag

Our Market Tote Bag is made of 14 ounce indigo blue denim. It is a large, strong tote with straps long enough to carry over your shoulder; it is sized to hold a paper grocery bag which "stands up" the tote for easy packing. The outside pocket is useful for shopping lists, coupons, pens; "whatever". This bag is 16 x 18 inches with an 8 inch gusset. The bag has a pocket on the inside too for more personal items such as your checkbook and/or keys.

Dish Towel

100% cotton

White Dish Towel (25" x 28")
Deluxe Dish Towel (30" x 32")

Bouquet Garni Bags

Miniature bags with a self-tie, for the classical herb bouquet. Use them as tea bags or to contain lemon wedges. This bag is 3" x 5".

Good Idea Cloth

Four layers of cheesecloth, sewn in panels. They're great for washing dishes and wiping up. This is 14" x 14".

Salad/Jelly Bags

Salad/Jelly Bags

You can wash and dry several days' supply of lettuce. In the vegetable bin of the refrigerator, the circulation of air through the cloth bag is just right to prevent the lettuce from drying out. Best of all, the lettuce will not spoil, as it does in a plastic bag. This bag is 14" x 16".

Note: These bags can be sewn to various sizes to also be used for 'fish boils'.

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