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Shower Curtains

Highest quality, 100% cotton fabric! You won't need a plastic liner... the tight weave won't let the water through. Enjoy the beauty of good cloth, which can be restored to freshness by laundering. Cloth shower curtains look good and last a long time.

Shower CurtainsOur quality construction includes nickel or brass grommets and wide hems. We size our curtians generously, especially in length, to allow for up to 8% shrinkage.

Note the "extra-wide" curtain for three or four-sided bath tubs or large walk-in showers. Our "shower stall size" is 45 inches wide.

White (Bleached)

Our white cotton is bleached with peroxide, rather than environmentally-damaging chlorine. We use two different but equally good fabrics for these curtains, due to size availability.

Natural (Unbleached)

Our "natural" shower curtains are made from untreated, unbleached, seven ounce cotton.


The "standard tub size" is 8 ounce duck. The "shower stall" and "extra-wide" are 5 ounce sheeting, lighter but faster drying.

We cut them extra long to allow for the fact that this natural fabric shrinks more than bleached fabric. (If your curtain is too long just dry it in the clothes dryer.)

Standard Tub Size (72" x 72")
Shower Stall Size (45" x 72")
Extra-Wide Size (90" x 72")

Custom Service

We can custom make shower curtains to your specifications. Please send us a drawing with dimensions you want for the final product. Include a stamped self-addressed envelope, or your e-mail address, so that we can send you the price.

Custom orders cannot be returned unless we failed to follow your clear instructions. No phone orders for custom orders. We need to SEE what you want!

Pricing Information

Please contact us for pricing information!